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Trash Tuesday #106 Where Getting it Cheap is Part of the Esthetic


The other day I chanced upon a Face Book conversation authored by a likable woman with similar interests. Someone I’d met through the blogging community. Seems she had found herself in the immediate position of having to unload a portion of her worldly ‘clutter.’ Through the miracle we call social media, she announced her plans to host a modern day potlatch. Saturday from 3-5 at her ‘soon to be on the market’ Alta-rancho. All part of her speedy exit plan.

Darn I thought, I like her. Then I read what was on the menu and knew I’d miss her less and appreciate her more if I could get my hands on that pottery wheel she just listed. I put in a private message pronto and she wrote me back pronto. Nixed the ‘dibs’ idea and delivered a ‘first come first serve’ proposition. Well, no, that doesn’t work for me. When it comes to my man or my art I’ve been known to throw down the gauntlet. So I kept counter offering with deal sweeteners. I offered her money. No. I promised her a Trash Tuesday post (and who doesn’t want to be the subject of a Trash Tuesday post?). She started to weaken; either that or she had grown fearful of me. She did mention it would be put on the curb if I was a no show. But with the current popularity that ceramics is enjoying, I knew that wheel was never going to get to the curb. And I’d been looking for one.

With truck, labor force and Advil, I showed up an hour early.

Introducing the mighty Shimpo RK-2 Potters Wheel. She’s got a 60Hz wheel head, 0-240 RPMs, Phase 1 115 Volt, 4.0 Amps and  200 watts. We called the manufacturer. She’s about 45 years old and looking pretty sharp. Ms W threw in a stool, some unfinished pots, watercolors, a couple of buckets of slip and a half a bag of Black Mountain.

No excuses. I’m going to learn to throw.

Secret Gardens

one two three

Secret gardens are secrets because of a healthy attitude towards neglect from those lucky enough to happen upon them. Being a tracker in a past life (just kidding – maybe) I harbor an unhealthy hyper attention to detail.  A seasoned eye that’s quick to notice a broken lock here, a gate ajar there or some reworked barbed wired hidden in a overgrown bush.

After the fire, satellite maps led to the discovery of secret trails which in turn led to unexplored neighborhoods. One of those trailheads is situated in a well heeled community near an administration building that had escaped the latest rounds of modernization. Someone forgot to lock the gate, which made it possible to enter the grounds. Behind the buildings, a stairway leads to a an even older layer of yesteryear. Terraced in river rock, overgrown and with a fountain for a centerpiece. Non-working, the fountain is covered in ceramic work from the Catalina Tile company. The third photo shows an unadorned backside with it’s protruding spout. Perhaps why they started locking the gate to begin with?

September – the Unholiest Month

Finally Pam Lansden’s ““A Tale About The Cat Who Lived in a Hole in the Wall of SOTHEBY’S Pasadena Parking Lot”  has been concluded. You wouldn’t know that if I hadn’t put this post up; so yeah, go back.  Post seven. Go back one more post and you can see Pam with all her celebrity friends.


So while we were waiting for those damn cats to do something – I made more cats (in ceramics). And other things that artist do, including a loosing battle with the computer program Adobe Illustrator. Guess you can’t teach an old cat new tricks either.

I also took the last of my tomatoes and made bruschetta, or should I say Mr V made bruschetta. When Jack Sprat left the room, I threw in more salt and oil. And it’s not Brushetta. “Bruschetta” is pronounced: Brooscketta. An Italian told me that.

Why the unholiest month? because it’s hotter then hell, that’s why!



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