Garvanza’s Lost Pagoda

by Pasadena Adjacent

Pagoda Styled Craftsman – select to enlarge; note “for sale” sign

When I moved into Garvanza during the previous real-estate bust, I had heard rumors of the Pagoda home. I assumed it was the red and green roofed  Ave 64 abode. The one I gaze down upon from my “Lewis Tract” hillside home. Turns out that that Pagoda, although the design of a Japanese architect, is a different Pagoda altogether. This “other” was more elaborate and enchanting then my mistake. And I came to discoverer it via the photography of Helen Luken Gaunt (they named a mountain after her father) .

From the 1911 caption in the Los Angeles Times 

“This picturesque outdoor home has all the graceful lines of the real Japanese mountainside house. It is Japanese even to the bamboo shades that enclose the porches.”

The three story craftsman was rare and unusual in it’s time; a design by the Artistic Bungalow Building Company of Los Angeles year (?)  Originally the Pagoda’s address was 6200 Hotel street. It was located south of York blvd, off of Figuroa. They would eventually replace the hotels with apartments. Although the street became Arroyodale – the street number remained the same. Later, while retaining the 6200 address, it’s location would became an extension of Marmion way. 

The Pagoda house 

The Pagoda house today? Sadly, somewhere between here and lost; as witnessed in the google satellite shot.. Hidden from view behind Garvanza’s Abbey San Encino. The Browne family retains ownership of the better known Abbey AND the dilapidated Pagoda (god help both).

Editors Response: Come on Jackson, get your crunchy ass over here and take care of the family legacy.

The small communities that made up Highland Park such as Annandale, Sycamore Grove and York Valley would eventually lose their identities. Garvanza held on to hers by a thin thread. The good news is that we can now celebrate the return of these lost identities. To start, may I suggest a visit to the friendly skies above York Valley.                                                  

If you should have a desire to visit hillside Pagodas, there are plenty of mid-century ranch home adaptations in the Garvanza Adjacent neighborhood of “Arroyo View Estates” It’s been said that this neighborhood was originally built to house the Dodger baseball players when they moved into they’re new “Elysian” park. They nixed the idea in favor of Orange County. Verification upcoming.