The KiMo: Albuquerque’s Restored Movie Palace

by Pasadena Adjacent

Swastikas adorn the proscenium, entryway and the KiMo’s exterior

On a return to our blog series “tripping with Mary” we discover that when traveling the great southwest, we’re never alone. Lucille Ball is everywhere. We also discover, once in Albuquerque, if Lucy isn’t available, Ethel is. Introducing Albuquerque’s fairest flower: Ethel May Potter aka Ethal Mertz aka Vivian Vance. She got her start at the KiMo.

“The KiMo Theatre, a Pueblo Deco picture palace, opened on September 19, 1927. Pueblo Deco was a flamboyant, short-lived architectural style that fused the spirit of the Native American cultures of the Southwest with the exuberance of Art Deco. Pueblo Deco appeared at a time when movie-mad communities were constructing film palaces based on exotic models such as Moorish mosques and Chinese pavilions.

Native American motifs appeared in only a handful of theaters; of those few, the KiMo is the undisputed king.” (Quote)

Take a one minute tour in the above Wee Video production and witness for yourself the theater’s extraordinary entryway and ticket booth.

Albuquerque is also the location of where the series “Breaking Bad” is filmed. Times have changed some since Albuquerque’s fairest flower
once performed Short’nin’ Bread at the KiMo.

Our Editor Responds: Meanwhile our dear beloved Rialto Movie Palace in South Pasadena adjacent awaits it’s restorative encore. Read all about it here